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At HK Autotek we pride ourselves on our first-class vehicle servicing, we can save customers up to 50% on standard dealer service costs. All our technicians are Mercedes-Benz Certified and many years experience.

Unlike other independent Mercedes service centres, we only ever use approved Mercedes service equipment and Mercedes genuine parts, and all our lubricants are Mercedes-Benz recommended, meaning your Mercedes warranty is always maintained.

Block Exemption for Cars Fact Sheet

Competition Act Key Facts:

The new exemption will increase competition in the domestic and continental car market, including car servicing and repairs, which will give consumers more choice and better value for money.

The new EC Cars Block Exemption should help reduce UK prices by increasing competition and providing greater freedom to import cars from other member states. Giving consumers more choice and better value for money.

• The Competition Commission found the operation of the selective and exclusive distribution system permitted by the European Union's Car Block Exemption rules to be the root cause of the increased cost of new cars in the UK, and made a number of recommendations for fundamental changes to this system.